November 12, 2011

November 12, 2011


Timing: 9:30 am, Saturday, November 12 (2.5 hrs or 5 hrs)

Description: (8 kms or 15.5 kms)

Join us for our 2nd scheduled “end to ender” hike on the Caledon section of the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, starting in Bolton at the south end (the April hike started at the northern extremity). Built and maintained by Bolton Chapter, our trail is becoming well known as one of the best hiking opportunities in the GTA.

Our November hikers will experience the Valley as it prepares for the long winter season ahead…deciduous tree leaves will be carpeting the forest floor, while evergreens such as pine, hemlock and spruce will be more prominent. This is a beautiful trail route, passing through a variety of terrain with signs of deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife.

For those hikers who prefer a shorter outing, a vehicle will be shuttled to Castlederg Road approx. 8 km along the trail to provide a halfway exit point.

Bring water, and take a lunch if you are planning to hike from end to end. Well-behaved dogs are most welcome.


We will meet near Palgrave on Humber Station Road, about 3 km north of Old Church Road. This is the intersection with the Caledon Trailway and is the northern terminus of the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, and some cars will be left here. We will then drive to Dick’s Dam Park in Bolton, leaving the cars of those people who wish to only hike 8 km at Castlederg Road, the drop out point.

Hike Leader: Bob Slack (905-584-2360 or

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