November 8, 2014

November 8, 2014



9:30 am, Saturday, November 8/2014  (2.5 hours)


If you enjoyed hiking from south to north on the Caledon section of Humber Valley Heritage Trail last spring, or would like to experience this lovely trail for a first time this year, join us next month for a hike in the opposite direction.

Our November hikers will experience the Valley as it prepares for the long winter season ahead…deciduous tree leaves will be carpeting the forest floor, while evergreens such as pine, hemlock,  cedar and spruce will be more prominent. This is a beautiful trail route, passing through a variety of terrain with signs of deer, wild turkeys and other inhabitants of forest, meadow & open field. 

Wear sturdy shoes/boots & sun hat, and consider taking a wind/rain jacket.  Don’t forget to bring water, a snack, and your camera. Well-behaved dogs are most welcome.

Hike Leader:

Bob Slack has been leading hikes for HVHTA & Bruce Trail Conservancy for many years, and never tires of taking people along the Humber Valley trail.


We will meet on Castlederg Road (just west of Hwy 50, between Humber Station Road & Duffy’s Lane), at the west end of the bridge over the Humber River. Leaving about half of vehicles at Castlederg, we will carpool to the northern terminus of the HVHT (where it intersects with Caledon Rail Trail at Humber Station Road, just south of Palgrave).  At end of hike, some drivers who had left their cars at Castlederg endpoint will shuttle those who need to pick up their carpooled vehicles at start of hike near Palgrave. 

Questions: Send an email to hvhtak AT gmail DOT com

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