May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

Spring Wildflower walk in Humber Valley

Timing:  Sat. May 7 9:30 am (1.5 – 2 hr)

Spring is here and the early woodland wildflowers have begun to show their amazing beauty. On this walk through the enchanted forest in Boyd Park, we will stop from time to time to check out interesting wild plants we might find alongside the pathway, and to take photos.

Many of the colourful native plants that we love best in our part of North America evolved in a wooded environment. As a result, they tend to bloom in early spring, before the leaves of trees emerge to block much of the available sunlight. Because this burst of woodland colour is so early and so brief, we often refer to these plants as “spring ephemerals.”

While we explore some of the nicest areas in Boyd Park along the East Humber River, for those who are interested this will be an opportunity to learn some names of common wildflowers…not only native plants we might encounter, but also a few of the introduced plants which are especially common on the more disturbed sites.

We won’t be picking any flowers to take with us, as some woodland plants are becoming increasingly rare & threatened, but you will have plenty of chances to “take pics” which can be even more satisfying in the long term!

Hikers of all ages are encouraged to participate, no pets please, but do bring your camera…

It’s always a good idea to pack a light rain jacket in case of showers (not highly likely).

Note re arrival time: 

Please arrive early at parking lot (see Directions, at bottom, which recommends a parking spot different than last year’s hike) no later than 9:15 am so that we can get to meeting place for start of hike by 9:30.

Hike Leader:  Joanne Nonnekes is an avid naturalist who has been exploring and volunteering in the Humber Watershed for many years.

Parking:  there is good parking at Pierre Berton Resource Library, located at 4921 Rutherford Road about half kilometre east of Islington Ave; or about 4 km west of Hwy 400 (from east, cross over the vehicle bridge at Humber River, and the Library is on south side of Rutherford Rd). 

Rutherford Rd is in Woodbridge, 2 km south of Major Mackenzie Dr, and 4 km north of Hwy 7.

(For those who are wondering about the small parking lot just east of the river, keep in mind that it is very busy on weekends and last year there wasn’t space for our group.)

Meeting place:  from Pierre Berton Library parking lot, walk easterly on sidewalk (south side of Rutherford Rd) a short distance to just before the vehicle bridge. Turn right to take an unpaved trail to valley bottom, where we will meet up at the footbridge crossing the East Humber River (first bridge south of Rutherford). 

Questions: Send an email to hvhtak AT gmail DOT com



Here’s the list of Wild flowers found on the hike:


Red Trillium

White Trillium

Trout Lilly



WIld Ginger

Wild Leak

Horsetail (scouring rush)


Spring Beauty

Blue Cohosh

Skunk Cabbage

Marsh Marigold

Cut-leafed toothwort

Garlic Mustard

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