September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016

Autumn Walk in Happy Valley Forest

Timing:  Sun. Sept. 25 9:30 am (2 – 3 hr)

Join us for an autumn walk in the Happy Valley Forest located to the northeast of Nobleton. Our hike will be led by Ann & David Love, two passionate advocates for the Forest who live on the edge of Happy Valley.

Because the Forest is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, there are plenty of small hills and valleys. The terrain will be moderate in difficulty, and the pace will be comfortable for the average hiker.

The older growth forested landscape we will visit is beautiful all year long, but in different ways depending on the season.  For example, in late September we might notice yellow flowers of the late-blooming Zigzag Goldenrod, or maybe the “doll’s eye” berries of White Baneberry, or with a sharp eye we could spot the dark evergreen fronds of Christmas Fern. We will probably see the first autumnal tints on trees such as Sugar Maples, although the leaves of other species such as Red Oak are likely to be showing their summer hues for another few weeks. Evergreen giants of the forest such as Hemlocks and White Pines will tower overhead, while at understorey level we could be lucky enough to spot rarer shrubs such as Maple-leaved Viburnum and Witch Hazel (our only fall-flowering woody plant). There are lots of birds in the forest and we might see other wildlife. 

Please wear appropriate footwear such as walking shoes or hiking boots. Bring a water bottle and your camera.

Hike Leader:  Ann Love is a local artist & writer. David Love is a lifelong environmentalist & birdwatcher.  Both have lived in the area for many years, and love to share their intimate knowledge of the forest and its inhabitants.

Contact for HVHTA:  Mark van Stempvoort (


Meet the Loves at the junction of the 7th Concession Road and the 16th Sideroad in King Township.

One approach is to follow King Road east out of Nobleton, turn north (left) at the second rural road (last one before Weston Rd), and go roughly 3 km north to where it sharply curves to the right.

Questions: Send an email to hvhtak AT gmail DOT com

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